Software Development Tools for distributed and cross platform HPC environments

Intel has been in the business of supporting the software and application development for well more than a decade. The focus has been on driving application performance running on Intel CPUs such as Xeon, ATOM, Core Architecture for Shared memory and Distributed memory (Cluster) systems. This talk will describe the main upcoming enhancements of the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2020 Editions, a software development tools package addressing the needs for segments such as enterprise and High Performance Computing (HPC) with numerical programming tasks. The speech will also touch very briefly on performance optimized AI solutions enhancing inference and training on distributed HPC systems supported by our tools and libraries which are part of the Intel tools suites. There is an Intel tutorial on Tuesday that dives into the details with technical labs. Last but not least the presenter will address the latest planned developments of oneAPI, an open development toolkit addressing the needs to support one development environment for various platforms ranging from CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs all the way to Accelerators.

Edmund Preiss is a European Business Development Manager for Intel’s Software Developer Tools, a position he has held for 11+ years. The Intel Tools products includes components such as Compilers, AI Frameworks, Libraries and Performance Analysis tools for R&D, HPC, academia, enterprise, manufacturing, automotive and machine/deep learning segments and applications. Edmund Preiss joined Intel in 1988 and has since managed various product marketing, technical and business development programs/projects and teams. He held several roles such as the Intel’s European Strategic Software Planning within Intel’s Software and Solutions Group and was the European channel marketing manager for Intel’s Web Hosting Services (Intel Online Services). He holds a Diploma of Electronic Engineering and brings with more than 35 years of Industry experience. Beside Intel he worked in the semiconductor business for the following companies: Siemens Semiconductor Components Division, Thomson Semiconductor and ST Microelectronics.